• Manhole Rehabilitation

    Manhole Rehabilitation

    Thul Specialty Contracting technicians can rehabilitate manhole structures by first cleaning and preparing substrates to receive application of coatings... LEARN MORE
  • Chemical Grouting

    Chemical Grouting

    Thul Specialty Contracting technicians benefit from over 35 years of successful experience in the application of chemical grout... LEARN MORE
  • Industrial Coatings

    Industrial Coatings

    Thul Specialty Contracting offers a diverse selection of high performance industrial coating systems to combat corrosion... LEARN MORE
  • PPC Coatings

    PPC Coatings

    Thul Specialty Contracting is the exclusive supplier and applicator of PPC Coatings in the Upper Midwest... LEARN MORE
  • Concrete Restoration

    Concrete Restoration

    Thul Specialty Contracting offers structural and non-structural concrete restoration and repair services. Our technicians are knowledgeable and skilled at concrete restoration... LEARN MORE
  • Waterproofing and Dampproofing

    Waterproofing and Dampproofing

    We're experienced in the application of a multitude of water barriers, including self-adhering-, bentonite-, fluid-applied- and bituminous membranes... LEARN MORE
  • Swimming Pool Surface Restoration

    Swimming Pool Surface Restoration

    Thul Specialty Contracting recommends PPC Coatings’ patented 5 coat pool and tank coat system. We have applied it all over the country with great success... LEARN MORE
  • RCP Culvert Repair & Rehabilitation

    Joint Repair and Surface Rehabilitation in RCP Culverts

    Thul Specialty Contracting specializes in the repair of separated joints in reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) culverts... LEARN MORE

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