Thul Specialty Contracting is the exclusive supplier and applicator of PPC Coatings in the Upper Midwest.


Swimming Pool Surface Restoration

Thul Specialty Contracting recommends PPC Coatings patented 5 coat pool and tank coat system. We have applied it all over the country with great success! Please find more information below and at


PPC Coatings, designed for the harsh industrial corrosive environment, are offered as the AquaPlex Swimming Pool Coating System that meets the demanding protective, as well as aesthetic requirements of swimming pool applications. AquaPlex is a long lasting coating that resists algae and bacteria, making the pool easy to clean and maintain efficiently with minimal use of swimming pool chemicals.

  • AquaPlex is impervious to algae and bacteria making the pool simple to clean and maintain
  • AquaPlex has a coefficient of expansion similar to concrete, and resists peeling and cracking
  • AquaPlex does not stain and requires no stain preventative chemical additives
  • AquaPlex is simple to clean and is “chemical efficient” for pool maintenance
  • AquaPlex can be applied year ‘round without temperature limitations

Concrete swimming pools expand and contract with changes in temperature. The result is stress on the concrete structure, which is a common cause for cracking and peeling of swimming pool coatings. PPC coatings have a coefficient of expansion similar to concrete, a physical characteristic that allows the coating to maintain a strong bond to the concrete substrate when it expands and contracts, minimizing the possibility of peeling or cracking. PPC is U.V. stable and resists chalking from long term exposure to sunlight.


PPC Coatings are not limited by an application window. Once the first coat (prime coat) of the AquaPlex system has been applied, the second coat (intermediate coat) can be applied within an hour, or any time after the prime coat has cured. The intermediate coat is applied to form a smooth even surface. The final coat is applied to the intermediate coat within an hour, or any time after the intermediate coat has cured, creating an impervious, nonporous, smooth surface that is easily cleaned and maintained, that will last for many years without the need to recoat.

Intervals or common delays in application, including rain or drop in temperature, will not affect the coating procedure, or the coating already applied. Once the delay is over, or rain has ceased, the coated surface can be dried, and the application procedure may continue.


High water tables will not affect the AquaPlex Swimming Pool Coating System, as once the first coat has cured, it creates a negative water proofing barrier, limiting the possibility of blistering and delamination of the coating caused by water infiltration.
PPC Coatings can be applied at temperatures ranging from minus 40 F degrees to 160 F, allowing the swimming pool to be coated year ‘round.

Regardless of the age of the coating, and if required, an AquaPlex coating can be easily patched, or recoated with a top coat only, without having to remove the existing coating.

Swimming pools have been coated with the PPC AquaPlex Coating System since 1978.


Tanks, ponds, raceways, or any other aquatic structures will benefit from the application of PPC Coatings. New as well as older structures in need of rehabilitation will exhibit a surface that is smoother and more durable than the original concrete.

  • PPC Coatings have an extraordinarily high compressive strength and abrasion resistance, ensuring long service life for your structure.
  • PPC Coatings have a coefficient of expansion similar to that of concrete - meaning that the PPC coating will expand and shrink at the same rate as the concrete during temperature swings. The coating will resist cracking from thermal expansion and contraction.
  • PPC Coatings are U.V. stable and will resist chalking or break down when exposed to sunlight.
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  • Where a smooth surface is required for cleaning efficiency or to minimize injury to fish, PPC Coatings can be applied with a high gloss finish.
  • For slip resistance on surrounding deck areas, quartz or other aggregate can be incorporated into the coating to provide a non-slip surface.
  • PPC Coatings can be applied year ‘round and without temperature limitations. A rapid-curing formulation allows for return-to-service within hours of application; even in the coldest weather. There are no re-coat windows as associated with other types of coatings.
  • PPC Coatings are versatile and can be blended with stone and aggregate to make structural mortar for large rehabilitation challenges.
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  • With up to 5 times the compressive strength of concrete, PPC Coatings create a long lasting repair and coating. Mixed with fine media, PPC resin can be used to trowel out damaged or rough concrete surfaces.
  • PPC Coatings can be applied as a resin system only to create a high gloss top coat, providing a surface that minimizes algae buildup and is easily cleaned and maintained.

Thul Specialty Contracting is the exclusive supplier and applicator of PPC Coatings in the Upper Midwest.

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